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Being coached is a great privilege

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Reaching my goal weight and talking about coaches and coaching

I was on a diet since 29th of October 2016. On 31st August 2018, I reached my goal weight. It was the 672nd day of my diet. Before I tell you more here is the obligatory before/after pic.

Before the diet/during the diet and now post the diet

Whilst I am not very keen to share what was my total weight loss in kgs, I do want to point out that I persevered on my diet for over 670 days. Not only that my goal posts have shifted from just reaching my goal weight to building more lean muscle mass, getting a six pack abs and reaching a body fat percentage in teens.

I was coached by the best

My coach Aniruddha Shanker, who was introduced to me by Kiran, is someone who I consider to be a seriously good engineer of the human body and how it works.

His approach to coaching and consulting on the diet program is something that I wish to emulate and become good at. He took away all the significance of failure to maintain the diet, the ocassional slip into eating junk, relishing food and making me understand how to listen to my body and what I considered hunger. He anticipated the kind of reactions I may get from people as the weight loss would become obvious and the best ways to deal with them.

He did all of that and far more for me and hundreds of other lucky people under his tutelage, always with a smile and kind words of encouragement.

You can see his life story here Aniruddha's life movie

I have been flirting with reaching my goal weight for sometime now and while I have lost patience with my own indiscipline and casual treatment of this entire exercise he never gave up on me and expected me to win in face of constant failure.

I wanted to reach my goal weight before the 5th of September as my gift to him on this teacher's day. While I have rediscovered the joys of working out, climbing stairs and generally being healthy the most important life lesson I have learnt is how to become a great teacher, mentor and coach.

Happy Teachers Day Coach

Thank you coach for teaching me all of that, while you were guiding me towards a better way to eat and live.

Fun fact, the display pic I am using on this site, was clicked by Aniruddha. We were in an auto in Delhi's Chandni Chownk. He invited me on an old delhi food walk. Yup, that's how cool he is. :)