Freelance Web Security Consultant

  • What I do? (Services Offered)

    Consulting, Training, Guidance to

    • Secure your websites, blogs and ecommerce sites.
    • Harden your linux, windows servers, web servers, mail servers.
    • Test your websites for vulnerabilites and security holes.
    • Review your source code for security holes.
    • Offer trainings on Web Security, Secure Coding, Network Security
    Services Offered
  • For whom? (Who should hire me?)

    Hire me if

    • your site got hacked and you don't know what to do next.
    • you are worried about the security of your networks, websites.
    • your devs, testers don't understand security issues.
    • you are building a product/website with security best practices.
    • you need someone to explain both business and technical aspects of security.
    My clients
  • Why choose me? (Why am I the expert?)

    Choose me for my expertise & work ethic

    • 10+ years of experience of building websites, 5+ years of hacking web-apps.
    • By the time I finish your work your website and network is secure, reliable and trouble-free.
    • I have strict no BS policy. I will be completely honest with you at every stage of the project.
    • My passion for security ensures that I am updated.
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  • Till you make up your mind to hire me, have a look at my presentations, papers. Download them, print them out, use them in your organisation for FREE.